What’s with the name and logo?

We chose Praesulis for our company name after extensively searching for available domain names that had meaning and related to the type of work we perform. Praesulis is a consulting and managed services company that aims to help customers manage and “protect” their assets.

Latin definition for:
praesul, praesulis

declension: 3rd declension
gender: common

dancer leading procession
prelate/bishop/Church dignitary
Age: Latin not in use in Classical times (6-10th centuries) Christian
Area: Ecclesiastic, Biblical, Religious
Geography: All or none
Frequency: 2 or 3 citations
Source: L.F. Stelten, “Dictionary of Eccles. Latin”, 1995 (Ecc)

The logo was designed by Paul Kelly and symbolizes the ability to see and do anything.

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